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Now I’m a M.A.C girl from HTT! - U-C-ME

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Mac make-up products - Lipstick and lip-liner

Now I’m a M.A.C girl from HTT (head to toe) from their liquid foundation, blotted pressed powder, eyes-shadows, mascara, lip-liners, lipsticks and false eyelashes. I should be a poster girl! - Lol!  Anyway I promise there will be more M.A.C. recommendations to come but my first has to be - their lipstick Girl About Town (GAT). My sister who lives in Ghana saw a pic of me wearing GAT and loved it so much I had to DHL one over to her the next day!

The first time one of the M.A.C makeup artists at Selfridges showed it to me 3 years ago I almost jumped out of my makeup seat, then he uttered the infamous words “trust me…” and he was right. It’s a great pink shade for all skin tones. It’s bright, creamy, long-lasting and just fab! You can wear it on its own (for work) or add some lipgloss on top for some after hours fun! Outline your lips with M.A.C’s Pro Longwear lip pencil - More to Love, RRP £14 - a dark pink lip-liner that works brilliantly with GAT and you’re ready to pout pretty! Riri wears it and if it’s good enough for her it’s on the U-C-ME list! For those you who want to work a more subtle pink shade - try Craving, it’s a fab shade too!