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I booked a styling consultation with Ruth (at Ruthy’s Closet) to help me create a capsule work wardrobe as well as a few cute outfits for going out with friends. I was not sure what to expect and really fearful of clothes shopping... You see, I am really petite and have always struggled in the past to find clothes that do not drown me and also look great on my hourglass figure. Parachute-in Ruth (from Ruthy’s Closet) and all my shopping fears have now gone! In the three hours we spent shopping, Ruth made shopping so much fun and dare I say converted me into a clothes shopping addict... I could not believe it when Ruth told me she simply picked clothes off the rail based on her instincts (like she would if shopping for herself as she wanted me to have a real shopping experience) and did not need to do any research prior to our shopping trip. Everything I tried that day looked amazing and great on me (from the pink dress with the checkered jacket outfit or even a super cool skinny pair of jeans and blazer) – every outfit looked as though made just for me and did fit me so well. The most amazing thing for me is that most of the outfits Ruth chose for me were standard size and very few came from a store’s petite section... Ruth also gave me advice on how to shop for my body shape ensuring that I am now also fully equipped to have the same enjoyable experience on any future clothes shopping trips.

If you have ever thought of shopping with a stylist – look no further than Ruth at Ruthy’s Closet! Be it for a special event or even for a complete style overhaul like me – do not hesitate to contact Ruth now – you will not be disappointed!